Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wrestlemania 2017

We interrupt your day to let you know that we will be Sitting Down to chat about Wrestlemania. But this year we figure we need to put a little more effort into our youtube channel. So later this week Adam and Nick will sit down to chat about Wrestlemania!

If you want to subscribe to our youtube channel to keep an eye on it or to watch the whole large number of 4 videos we have, two of which are just Nick talking about upcoming stuff. you are free to subscribe and watch below. (we are hoping to put more content there)

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

EP 42 - Music

Nick and Adam were raised on music, but both in completely different forms and took completely different paths.

Somehow they both like the same music, of all the things they disagree on, music is not one of them.

How is this nerdy or geeky? Well, this one time, at band camp?  Just Kidding.  Music and Gaming also go together. We will talk about it. Take a listen and enjoy. Feel free to tell us your music choices!

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EP - 42 Music

Also, we said we would link this.

Also, dont forget to listen to listen to Nicks interview with Dave Gross!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

EP 41 - Dave Gross

Brand new episode, easily found on Stitcher, PodbayiTunes as well as many other podcatchers. In this episode Nick sits to Chat with Dave Gross about Pathfinder Tales, Books, Roleplaying, and of course his new Novella he has been working on!

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EP 41 - Dave Gross

Keep up to date on Dave at his website.

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