Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Refresh Episodes

Are you newer to the Side Project Podcast. Did you enjoy listening to a special guest? Want to hear some of our other episodes with special guests. Well are you in luck. Find them all in one easy post. I will link some of our favorite guest episodes right here!

As Always (Right Click Save As to download file)

Keith Baker - Ep 14

Shane Hensley - Ep 21

Mike Selinker & Keith Baker - Ep 22

Ed Greenwood Pt1   - Ep 24
Ed Greenwood Pt2   - Ep 25

Ed Greenwood, Erik Scott De Bie, & Chris Jackson - Ep 28

Richard Lee Beyers, Doug Herring, Hal Greenberg, & Kevin Glusing - Ep 37

Chris Jackson - Ep 38

Who is our next guest, maybe, just maybe another member of the Pathfinder Tales list of authors.

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