Saturday, January 21, 2017

EP 39 - Paladins

In this episode Nick and Matt discuss the paladin class and the history as it pertains to real life and as it pertains mostly in gaming, as well as their evolution and changes throughout time, aaaaaaand other classes and themes similar to paladins.

This was where the idea of doing class themed episodes started for us. Finally we decided to do the one that started it. We have many classes left to do and we will slowly cover them.

Episode is here... (Right Click Save As to Download)
EP 39 Paladin Talk
As mentioned in the episode, Nicks Custom Paladin Duty.

"The duty of the paladin is to uphold the truth of the heavens, to bring evil to the side of the righteous or to stop it where it stands. To do less of what one is capable of, is to bring dishonor to himself and to all that they believe. The Paladin shall defend their beliefs til the end, show mercy and forgive where forgiveness is saught. For any wrong may be forgiven. This is the duty of the Paladin, and the duty to any true follower."   -Darius Valnor

As discussed, roughly 17 years ago Nick was forced to write this while the others went on a smoke break. If they voted it wasn't very paladin like, Nick didn't get to play the Paladin. Nick obviously still has it and the character.

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