Saturday, December 3, 2016

Plague Town

One day I was complaining about the audio books from our local library to some coworkers at the comic book store because all of the books seemed to be from one of the following categories:

  • Depressing (my philosophy is that life is too short to read depressing books)
  • Any part of a series EXCEPT the first book
  • Is scratched so badly that you miss whole chapters of what you are listening to

A friend overheard this tirade and has since lent me his personal audiobooks. YAY! Plague Town by Dana Fredsti is one of those audio books. As you may have guessed from the picture, it is about zombies. My thought with zombie books is that they should be fun and most of them are pretty trope heavy, but since there really is no life epiphany to be gleaned from them, that is fine. This book centers around Ashley, who is a non-traditional college student in a small college town in California. She happens to be a Wild Card: someone who is immune to the zombie virus and gets heightened abilities once they reach the Wild Card status. Ashley is sassy and opinionated which is always fun to read and the banter between characters is entertaining. The big giveaway at the end was not surprising, as I figured out the vector for the virus by the end of the prologue. Nonetheless, it was a fun little read. If you plan on getting the audio book, just know that it is read by the author who is not a voice actor.

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