Wednesday, July 6, 2016

EP 37 The Awakened II

A new and great episode is up for you all. This time we have 4 men join Nick to talk about the book "The Awakened II" (The Awakened II - Kickstarter Link)

We chat about their project, the book, what is in it. We get a little sneak peak at some of the characters by their authors, Hal Greenberg, Kevin Glusing, Doug Herring, and Richard Lee Byers!

The story of how the Anthology came to be and all the cool stuff they have planned down the road. There are a ton of great names attached to this project and you should totally go back it and try to get yourself some swag off of this guaranteed (by me at least) Kickstarter.

Doug's Mysticeye Board Game Site
Doug's YouTube Channel

Samurai Sheepdog 

EP 37 - The Awakened II (right click save as to download)

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