Monday, February 15, 2016

Ep 31 - Con of the North 2016!

Adam hosts a show with Con Magnetrons, a Con Volunteer/Game Designer, A Con Goer, and Paizo's Organized Play Coordinator! Oh and Nick is in there somewhere too.

A Huge thanks to everyone at Con of the North and Many thanks for Tonya Woldridge from Paizo for swinging by to join us!

Con of the North
"Take a Penny" By Brass Dog Games

Episode 31

Sunday, February 14, 2016

This Weekend and Live Episode

Hope you have been enjoying our social media this weekend as we are followed through con of the north. Our Live GM panel went very well and will be posted as an upcoming episode as well.  John "Soft Serve" is the Flapjacks and Sasquatches World Champion!  Last but not Least... today at 2pm central we will be recording our Annual Con of the North episode in front of a live crowd with real guests who are con goers, there may even be a chance to get ont he mics with us. come check us out if you are in the area.

Oh, and See Deadpool, stay for the after scenes... its a Marvel movie after all.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Con of the North 2016

Yes January had 0 episodes. We are sad face too. However we are going to once again be at Con of the North.

Friday we host a GM panel to help people be better GM's and on Sunday we record a live episode from Con Of The North!

Plus we will be all over getting our geek on. Feel free to tweet us your Con of the north stuff. #ConOfTheNorth #SideProjectPodcast