Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Snafu..... and Apologies

No really its up and working now. Luckily you all are vigilant in keeping us honest. The link to the show had a glitch that was immediately fixed, so if you came to listen to our show with Ed "f'ng" Greenwood and it wasn't workin, no worries all is good in the universe and is working now. So never fret, for you speak and we move like lightning jack rabbits in Deadlands..... trust me they have 6d10+4 quickness! (at least when I am running they do)

Feel free to follow us here to get any posts or updates we make, its quick and simple and helps us know who we got watchin' us!   Well Listening to us.

Chow.... errr Chio.. errr.. whatever. c-ya

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